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Black Snowflakes
Black Snowflakes

Black Snowflakes

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  • Measuring approximately 4.25" tall 3.25" wide
  • Holds 14-16 fluid oz
  • Dishwasher, food and microwave safe
  • Ships within 3-5 days
  • Made in the USA, Indiana

On a cold winter morning holding this delicate mug decorated in snowflakes a calming peace comes to light. We live in the moment and each day is something new, a stepping stone into a future we dream of even in the cold. For me, that is snow, that is those wintry days of bluster and ice. My favorite movements of peace is waking up to the freshly blanket of snow sipping  coffee out of a handmade mug.  Design created with a paper transfer and covered in a food safe glaze. A perfect edition to start the brisk mornings. As a handmade piece each has variations making them all unique. 

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