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Claypaws Collection


We are currently ramping up for Conventions, this collection will be available in September 2022

Here, in our Claypaws Collection explore the diversity of mugs, bowls to other useful home to kitchen handmade wares. This collection offers the convention exclusives. Thrown, carved and finished by me we also exhibit artist in the fandom and my husband, Mike-son. Every year we expand the diversity, choosing two artist a year, working with them closely on designing some new mugs for the fandom. We also open up for Custom works that are unique and created strictly for you? To determine our availability on customs please sign up for our newsletter. This will also keep you informed what conventions and shows we will be attending.

Congratulations to our newest designer Ketchup Kitty or also known as Feline Element in her wonderful new designs in both the Anthropomorphic mugs.

Looking to get some amazing art done reach out to Feline Element: caragannon_art@yahoo.com



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