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Growing up I spent most of my time in the woods around my house, seeking sanctuary in the trees. With its many layers, to the moss growing on the stumps to the leaves decaying in the soil, and bringing new life. To this day, spending a lot of time hiking and enjoying the peace the Forest can bring, I find the inspiration in Nature.

       With a background in sculpture I had to create Forest style mugs. Each piece starts with a ball of clay, weight to the form, then thrown on a pottery wheel. I then manipulate the clay, by pushing out a knot and carving the bark. After fired the inside of pieces are coated in a food, dishwater, and microwave safe glaze. The outside is coated with a food safe stain to give the appearance of textured wood. High fired in an electric kiln, the glaze is cured and the clay body becomes vitrified creating a durable piece. The Forest Style products make perfect gifts for any one that wants to bring a part of nature into their home. With three varieties to choose from, the white smooth Winter Edition, to the freshly cut Ivory, and finally the Rustic White   Enjoy these functional sculptural wares!

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